Viterna Plus Organic Farm Vitamins Products

VITERNA Plus or usually called Organic Farm Vitamins is a farm feed supplement. Natural farm vitamin products are processed from a variety of natural ingredients from animals and plants that are useful as a provider of necessary subtances that need for poultry.

VITERNA Plus is a natural product that is safe for health environmental sustainability.

viterna plus organic farm vitamins products

Benefits Of Using VITERNA Plus Include :

  • Increase the quantity of meat (increased ADG / Average Daily Gain for cattle and increase in weight for chickens)
  • Improve the quality of meat by reducing the cholesterol content.
  • Improve the healt of farm animals (heightens the body's resistance to disease)
  • Encourage digestive enzymes of farm animals
  • Provide essential and non essential minerals.
  • Provide a variety of natural nutrients to increase the growth of farm animals such as protein, vitamins, fats, etc.
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of feed (TDN).
  • Accelerate farm animals groeth by providing natural growth harmone.
  • Increase the appetite of farm animals. Reduce the smell of chicken manure.



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