shrimp aquaculture tilapia catfish organic milk

Formula natural (organic) farms specifically to improve the quantity and quality of production and maintain / improve the pond environment by providing the necessary minerals shrimp / milkfish, all fish, catfish, carp, and others to accelerate the growth of plankton as natural food shrimp / milkfish (fertility waters), as well as binding to metals weight while helping to break down complex compounds toxic to the shrimp / milkfish. and help order the shrimp molting.

TON role and other functions include:
  • Help decipher the complex eternal hazardous compounds and toxic, such as H2S, ammonia, lactic acid, etc.. 
  • Help the digestive system of shrimp / milkfish 
  • Promote growth and the immune system of shrimp / milkfish 
  • Is also used in freshwater ponds 
  • Tested multi-commodity, multi location and multi-time
In Outline of functions for the TON pool or pond is:
  • Liberate the rest of the cultivation of toxins 
  • restor soil fertility ponds / pools
  • bind heavy metals 
  • fertilize plankton to natural food fish, catfish, shrimp. 
  • stabilizing water pool / pond. 
  • order the shrimp molting.
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Name: Dono Sapari Nasa
Citizens: Indonesia
Mobile: +6281225999901
Mobile: +6285725607788

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