plant and animal growth hormone

HORMONIK is PT.NASA Products (Natural Nusantara)
Growth stimulants HORMONIK a substance (PGR)
HORMONIK spur growth, pengumbian, flowering and fruiting plants to obtain optimum yields.
HORMONIK contains an organizing Grows (PGR) Organic particularly Auxins, Gibberellins and Cytokinins, formulated from natural ingredients that are needed by all types of plants.
HORMONIK not harm the (safe) for human and animal health.

A. Dose: 1-2 cc HORMONIK per 1 liter of water.
2. The use of more optimal if mixed with NASA POC
(Dose 1 + + 3 HORMONIK ttp ttp NASA POC) per tank.
3. Mainly by the use of sprayed on plant leaves until evenly distributed.
4. Crop season: from mid-crop until late reproductive age, ie before flowering / bulbous (spray 3-6 times). Use of the better since the early planting.
5. Annual plants: 2-4 months before flowering / fruiting (spray 3-6 times).
6. Poultry: 1 bottle (500 cc) POC NASA / VITERNA Plus + 1-2 HORMONIK cap, then 1-2 cc of a mixture of POC NASA / VITERNA Plus + HORMONIK dissolved in 1 liter of drinking water supplied to poultry (chicken) every single day.

A. Accelerate the process of plant growth.
2. Stimulate and enhance flowering and fertilization.
3. Reduce the loss of flowers and fruit.
4. Assist the growth of shoots.
5. Help root growth
6. Spur tuber enlargement.
7. Improve the durability of the crop.
8. Stimulate and increase the weight of poultry / livestock.

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