Liquid organic fertilizer livestock farming

Special formula especially for crops and fish farms also made ​​purely from organic materials with multipurpose function:
1. Improve the quantity and quality of crop production and environmental sustainability / soil (K-3 aspects: Quantity - Quality-Sustainability).
2. Making the hard ground gradually - gradually becomes crumbly.
3. Dissolving residual chemical fertilizers in the soil (plants can be used).
4. Provide all kinds of elements of a complete macro and micro elements.
5. Can reduce the use of Urea, SP-36 and KCl + 12.5% - 25%
6. Each 1 liter POC NASA has the function of micro nutrients equivalent to one ton of manure.
7. Spur the growth of plants and roots, stimulating pengumbian, flowering and fruiting as well as reducing the loss of flowers and fruits (containing hormones / ZPT Auxin, and Cytokinin Giberellin).
8. Assist the development of soil microorganisms that are beneficial to plants (earthworms, Penicilium glaucum, etc.).
9. Improve plant resistance to pests and diseases
10.Meningkatkan weight of poultry (chickens, ducks, etc.), large livestock (cattle, goats, etc.), fish and shrimp.
11.Meningkatkan appetite poultry, livestock and fish / shrimp.
12.Membantu formation of natural fish and shrimp feed (plankton).

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