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Development in the field of animal husbandry is basically aimed at improving livestock production and population dakam order to achieve self-sufficiency of animal protein from cattle, while meeting the market demand / consumption in the country, improved nutrition, increased farmer income as well as open up new jobs.Target of increasing production of livestock is komuditas meat, eggs and milk.development of livestock can not be separated from the utilization of farm technology, and improving product quality to meet consumer demand for quality food.
Potential development of livestock in Indonesia is still wide open. Terkhir two decades, demand for livestock products is constantly increasing Indonesia. This is caused by population growth, economic development, improved education levels associated with a high awareness of the importance of nutritious food, lifestyle changes, product prices more affordable as well as boost the globalization of information, transportation and trade. With a population of more than 215 million people, Indonesia is a potential market that is supported by the increasing purchasing power. In addition, the Export Potential of Livestock Also Still Wide Open!
With the market potential is still large, it should the farm business in the field trying to improve produksivitasnya, namely to increase the population of livestock, livestock products increase followed an increase in quality.
In practice, the farm has a variety of constraints, as a matter of world farm in Indonesia.
Some of the constraints faced by farm fields in Indonesia, among others:
The majority of poultry farms in Indonesia traditional pattern.
The high cost of livestock feed in an industrial scale.
Farm-scale industry is currently facing constraints in the form of higher prices
artificial feed (concentrate) that causes less efficient cultivation.

Given the above problems, it takes action to address them. PT.NATURAL NUSANTARA provide alternative solutions to the technological field of animal nutrition, that is by presenting a product called "VITERNA" which aims to farm businesses can be more effective (able to increase production in quantity and quality), efficient (able to increase the economic benefits) with a technology that applicative (easily applied / used and understood by the breeder)VITERNA formulated with a base technology that adds function and complete nutrition of livestock fodder, Because VITERNA Plus is a nutritional supplement that SIAP digested pure, and capable of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of ANIMAL DIGESTION. In addition, the technology base VITERNA able to stimulate the synthesis / formation of body proteins.

Enhance food and nutritional supplement sepertin Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Vitamins and Minerals in sufficient numbers balanced.
VITERNA able to increase growth and Weight Gain per day so that cattle grow Faster than usual.
Spur the growth of protein and fat CURB GROWTH / CHOLESTEROL.

                               VITERNA Plus already includes K3: Quantity Quality Healthcare

APPLICATION VITERNA Plus is easy that is by drinking water or mixed komboran feed (for cattle) are very easy application aims to be more easily understood and applied in the maintenance of breeder flocks ri se ha day / day after.
           - For the chicken: 1-2 cc / liter of drinking water
           - For cattle, buffalo, horses: 10 cc / day (one bottle caps) / day
           - For Goat, Sheep: 5 to 7.5 cc / day

With the dose and the way it will not add to the burden of high costs on the cost of production. So as to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of farmers can be achieved.

NOTE: For optimal results, mixed with HORMONIK Viterna and Poc.Nasa

Viterna a mixed one and one HORMONIK Poc.Nasa cite this as one

VITERNA: Vitamin Livestock you!
Contact: Dana Safari Nasa
HP: 081 225 9999 01

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