Supleman for livestock. Create increase appetite cattle (fattening).
VITERNA Plus is an animal feed supplement prepared from a variety of natural materials (plants and animals), giving substances indispensable for livestock:
  1. Increase the quantity (increasing Average Daily Gain / ADG for cattle and crops to increase the weight of chicken) - meat quality (reduced cholesterol content) - the health of livestock (to enhance resistance to disease) are all aspects of K-3.
  2. Stimulate the enzyme - enzyme digestion of cattle.
  3. Giving minerals - essential and non essential mineral.
  4. Provide a wide range of nutrients for the growth of livestock (protein, fat, vitamins, etc..).
  5. Adding acids - fatty acids in the rumen / stomach of cattle.
  6. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the feed (TDN).
  7. Contains natural growth hormones to accelerate growth of livestock.
  8. Increase appetite.
  9. Reduce the cholesterol content of meat and reduce the odor of chicken manure
  10. The natural product is safe for livestock and the environment.

  • Large Livestock: Cattle, buffalo, horses, etc.. 5-10 cc per day mixed with water or a mixture of feed (Komboran)
  • Small Livestock: Goats, Rabbits, Pigs, etc.. 4-8 cc of water per day mixed drink or feed mixes (Komboran)
  • Poultry: Chickens, Ducks, etc.. 1-2 cc / l of drinking water every day one time.

Note: can be added HORMONIK, a bottle cap VITERNA Plus + 1-2 HORMONIK

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